At Greenleaf we are passionate and committed to providing nursing and social support to people living with a disability in their homes or in the community so that they can make their own choices and achieve their goals.
To support and empower people living with a disability to achieve personal goals and reach their full potential.
Provide care that is professional, compassionate, personalized, and brings hope. We are committed to assist personal growth and encourage people living with a disability live a fulfilling life.
The Greenleaf team is committed to providing quality, safe, inclusive, professional nursing care, and social support to people with disabilities. We recognize the uniqueness and individuality of people and communicate with them to ensure that they achieve their goals in a respected and dignified way that is free from discrimination.


A Greenleaf symbolizes growth, development, hope and abundance of life. Here at Greenleaf, we believe in giving people living with disabilities, opportunities to make their own choices to achieve personal growth. We support you to participate in the community and live fulfilling healthy life. We provide nursing and social care that suit the uniqueness of each person.

Disability is not an obstacle to a happy fulfilling life, at Greenleaf we value our clients’ choices, and we assist you to achieve your goals.

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